Working With Us

Building and sustaining networks, coalitions, and collaboratives is challenging. Condition Shift does not pretend to have all the answers. We’ll guide you along the path – tapping into extensive knowledge about what works in often unpredictable situations and learn alongside you.

If we’re going to work together, it’s important for you to know how we approach things. Here are some of our core beliefs:

Equity and equality

Bringing together non-profit, private, and public sector organizations with those who have lived experience is critical for effective leadership and lasting social, economic, cultural, and environmental change.

Trusting relationships

Collaboration means safely sharing ideas, experiences, responsibility, and accountability. Difficult conversations and listening are part of the process.

Right fit problem-solving

The type of solution depends on the type of problem…and no matter what, power dynamics.

For example, a simple problem does not warrant a complex solution. Likewise, a simple solution often won’t work for a complex problem like homelessness or low high school graduation rates. The Cynefin Framework is one lens that helps us find good solutions.

Commitment to learning

We learn from trying new things, failing, and succeeding. And whenever possible, we must honour the learning process: prepare, do, reflect.

Change is inevitable, transition is how we deal with it

Change includes an ending, an empty or fallow period, and a new beginning. Even when we know change is necessary, there is always some part of our being that will resist as if our life depended on it. We respect and honour the transition process.

Think and act like a movement

Everyone relies on the social determinants of health. Shifting the conditions that prevent individuals from achieving healthy lives and healthy communities requires bold vision and commitment for the long haul.

Grow your movement

Let's talk about how to strengthen your collaborative.

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