What We Do

Condition Shift offers backbone coaching, consulting, and/or staffing to networks, coalitions, and collaboratives. We support you get to the root of a problem and work collaboratively from that place to affect social change.

For good.

Condition Shift helps to… 

  • Build equitable relationships, ownership, and leadership
  • Establish and maintain ‘good enough’ organizational structures (e.g. governance, decision-making)
  • Develop understanding of the issue(s)
  • Guide strategy
  • Establish a case for support and find resources
  • Define shared measurement (are we moving the needle?)
  • Build public and political will
  • Evaluate and reflect on progress

Why We’re Here

In many communities, social problems like racism, homelessness, and child poverty are getting worse, not better.

These problems exist because of underlying conditions that hold the problems in place like inadequate social and family support networks, low income, and trauma.

The need to come together and address the problems is urgent. We cannot do this alone. The economic, social, cultural, and environmental consequences are enormous. 

Difficult social problems are difficult for a reason. The issues are complex, thorny, and interrelated. There are power dynamics and personalities in play. What works today may not work tomorrow.

To top it all off, everyone has work they are already doing, so it can be difficult to find the time and resources to work collaboratively.

Grow your movement

Let's talk about how to strengthen your collaborative.

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